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Danny BaderAuthor of “Back to Life” and “I Met Jesus for a Miller Lite”

“Danny’s story of dying and coming back to life”

Danny Bader is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker whose life was transformed by a near death experience. Danny speaks to audiences nationwide teaching people to invest in themselves, develop vision, and leverage useful thoughts to build momentum in the midst of monotony, burnout and despair. His message is simple; “always commit to better days ahead.”

His unique perspective and trusted voice have taken him into many Fortune 500 organizations—like Marriott, Lincoln Financial, Astellas, Comcast, Merck, Eisai, and others—infusing their people with the vital need for vision and inspiring them to live their best lives. Danny’s reputation as an influencer in this arena continues to grow among some of the most well-respected brands and organizations nationwide.

"A massive force for good..."

Danny’s best-selling book, Back to Life; The Path of Resilience, has received rave reviews, reaching a #1 ranking on Amazon. He also pioneered the jckrbbt® principles and energizes audiences worldwide through his Back to Life podcast. Danny is also the author of 3 other books, I Met Jesus for a Miller Lite; Abraham’s Diner, Simple Wisdom for Moving from Stress to Relaxed Focus & Inspiration; and Taking The Sh*t Out of the Show.

“Danny was terrific…more than worth the investment. forget work; he covers the personal side, and perhaps even more so. i think that’s why people will get much more out of someone like him versus your typical motivational speaker. thanks for the referral.”

“You are a massive force for good making an impact in this world and many of us are grateful for the work you’re putting out there!”

“I want to thank you for doing more than just teaching & leading a seminar. thank you for blessing us with your passion and energy. you are an inspiration, and you have renewed my desire to ‘get my butt off the couch!” 

“During my career I have seen many deliver motivational messages, and I will tell you, Danny Bader is above the rest. his approach was refreshing and on point. I loved it!”